Why a custom embroidery shop in Los Angeles, California decided to go with Ricoma

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""The controller is so intuitive that almost anyone can figure it out. It really seemed like going from learning to drive stick to going to automatic""

Case study photo

Control Printing

Alex and Nadine Rosales|Los Angeles, California


When it came to embroidery, co-owners Alex and Nadine Rosales knew they wanted the best quality, which led them to choosing Ricoma.

In busy Los Angeles, California, Alex and Nadine operate a custom embroidery company called Control Printing. Having been in business for many years, both Nadine and Alex testify that after doing their research, upgrading to a Ricoma machine was their best decision to date.

They currently operate their business using a Ricoma MT-1502 and hope to one day, purchase a 4 head or even a 6 head Ricoma machine.

The machine they had before was very outdated and did not match their needs.

After choosing the Ricoma MT-1502, Nadine stated, “The Ricoma machine is a million times better than the old machine that we had, because there was no training on the other machine whatsoever.”

Nadine loves that their MT-1502 is faster, more innovative and more precise than their other machine.

Alex compared both machines and likened the Ricoma MT-1502 to an automatic car. He said in going from the older machine to their now Ricoma, “it really felt like going from learning to drive stick and then going to automatic.”

He then went on to say, “as long as we can hoop it, it can be embroidered.”- Now that’s the kind of confidence that goes along with owning a Ricoma machine.

When they decided to purchase the two head, this doubled their production. According to Alex, “with the machine being so well manufactured, and very consistent in regards to the quality [he] knows he can have a much faster turn around than [his] competition.”

In the end, they both agreed that the best part of their machine is the state of the art technology, touch screen capabilities, and ease of use; which increases their productivity.

Both Alex and Nadine are extremely satisfied with their Ricoma MT-1502 and look forward to having repeat customers, which they attest is the key to their successful business.