Miami-based entrepreneur launches embroidery business with Ricoma

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"Ricoma is always there when I need them, so my customer doesn’t have to wait for their product."

Case study photo

Tiger Embroidery

Dusan Kurta|Key Biscayne, Florida

A few years ago, Dusan Kurta had an idea to start a home business with one goal in mind: profiting from his love for embroidery. With Ricoma, his vision became a reality.


No stranger to turning his interests into income, Kurta is also a longtime tennis player who instructs students near his home in Key Biscayne, Florida. Soon after his arrival to Biscayne, Kurta began thinking about what to do beyond tennis. In his search for a company to buy an embroidery machine from, Kurta decided to go with Ricoma.


Ricoma set him up with its bestselling model, the RCM-1501-TC. Perfect for startups, the machine comes with all the attachments necessary to get businesses going right away.


As soon as he purchased his machine, he received complimentary hands-on training from a Ricoma product specialist.


“It was very helpful,” Kurta recalls. “Without that, I don’t know how I would’ve even started!”


Quickly after his purchase, Kurta launched Tiger Embroidery in December 2015.


Specializing in hats, shirts and towels for consumers of all ages, Tiger Embroidery experienced a huge boost with Etsy, the popular e-commerce website that allows designers to share and sell their work.


Kurta launched his Etsy site a month after he began his business. The very next day, the orders started coming in.


“I was shocked,” he recalled.


Although Kurta receives most of his clients through the web, his remaining client base is local. His tennis students spread the news through word of mouth to their friends and families.


However, recognizing the power of the internet, Kurta is currently working on building his own website where customers can view and buy all of his work in one convenient spot.


His next pursuit: purchasing the CHT-1506, Ricoma’s best-selling six-head embroidery machine.


“When I do something, I always do big,” Kurta said. “I want to buy more machines!”





Like Ricoma, Kurta’s number one priority is customer service. To Kurta, working from home allows him to better serve his customers.


“You are there when you wake up. You are there before you go to sleep. You are there for the customer 24 hours,” Kurta said. “That’s the biggest advantage to be at home and work from home.”


Part of Kurta’s satisfaction is due to Ricoma’s unmatched customer support.


“Ricoma is always there when I need them, so my customer doesn’t have to wait for their product,” Kurta said.


Currently, Ricoma responds to Kurta's needs with both him and his customers in mind. Whether it be with both technical support or embroidery advice, Ricoma is there — so Kurta can, too, fill his customers’ needs.