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D.I.S.C is designed to allow both the novice and experienced digitizer to create even the most intricate designs with ease and speed. For beginners, D.I.S.C can be used to automate the digitizing process, essentially eliminating the learning curve. For the advanced, the software's built-in styles, customization of tools and hotkeys speed up the lengthy digitizing process.

Available in Gold and Platinum

The two D.I.S.C gold and platinum versions have been designed to allow both beginners and advanced users to create complex designs quickly and easily! The program is fully customizable, allowing the user to digitize using Bézier, freehand drawing or simple drawing tools.

Digitizing on the user friendly interface has never been so quick and easy!

With such a short learning curve, you can start digitizing on the first day.

With advanced layout and stitch editing, making changes to your design at any stage of the process is now much easier than ever!

Watch D.I.S.C gold training video here

Watch D.I.S.C platinum training video here


The following features are applicable for both Gold and Platinum versions of D.I.S.C.

Workspace Features

  • Languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish
  • 3D workspace
  • Docking toolbars
  • Sequence Manager shows Backdrops icons
  • 3D visualization in 2D and Photorealistic mode showing thread twisting
  • Transparent rulers
  • Customizable tool color schemes
  • Unlimited redo/undo
  • Circle Template
  • Neckline Template
  • Select/hide by objects
  • Select/hide by color
  • Select/hide by segment
  • Show embroidering sequence
  • Use guidelines while digitizing
  • Load/save color palette and background color
  • Use magnifier to view your design better
  • Convert .jpg or .bmp images to cross stitches or standard embroidery
  • Sequence Manager display letters
  • Print with technical information
  • Load/save color palette
  • Show stitches
  • Show stitch and block Shadows
  • Show embroidery sequence
  • Short/Long stitches
  • Sequin (Optional)
  • Chenille (Optional)
  • Ruler/Measure
  • Outline node editor
  • Online help
  • Advanced hot keys- Use hot keys for quicker response and design creation
  • Customize the working area
  • Customize the digitizing tools
  • Insert comments to objects
  • Floating, dock-able tool bars
  • Create new design

Tools / Effects

  • Slow redraw - simulate sew-out
  • Auto-Digitize with branches
  • Convert between stitch types
  • Color/Segment reorder
  • Easily copy, re-size and re-orient in one step
  • Alignment abilities between objects
  • Auto-set stitch properties based upon fabric choice
  • Transform
  • Left, right, center and stretch justification
  • Repeat
  • Clipart tool to insert designs
  • Design Slow Redraw
  • Closest point control
  • Re-order objects on sequence manager
  • Apply 3D embroidery effect to any design
  • Add sections to existing embroidery objects
  • Auto density adjustments when resizing stitch designs
  • Convert stitch design to outline designs
  • Multi-design convert and output
  • Branches
  • Fill pattern editor
  • Adjustable Grid
  • Automatic density adjustment during size changes (STO)
  • Change color, background color
  • Change Start and End of design
  • Change density, stitch length
  • Choose/change from full range of underlay stitches
  • Full automatic corners (corner on/off)
  • Name drop
  • Join Sections (to branches)

Text Effects

  • Lettering with automatic, adjustable kerning
  • Lettering with intelligent closest point connection
  • Lettering in line, arc, circle with rubber band
  • Reorder sequence of text string
  • Resize, Rotate, distort letters of text string
  • Includes 10 pre-digitized fonts
  • Duplicate text string
  • Change text setting (typeface, text)
  • Shrink/Grow, stretch, rotate, slant, text using handles
  • Break Apart Text 
  • Envelope lettering in predefined shapes
  • Add new text string to existing design

Upgrade to Platinum for advanced use

*Includes everything available in the Gold version, PLUS these advanced features!

  • Magic wand to auto fill sections of your design with the stitch of your choice
  • Advanced satin, applique, fill with voids, steil, artwork and symbols
  • Auto-branching in manual digitizing
  • Random jagged stitches
  • Variable density control
  • Short stitch control
  • Convert vector artwork into editable embroidery designs
  • Compensation for satin and step
  • Includes 100 pre-digitized fonts (compared to 10 in gold version)
  • Edit stitches capability


Video training

Unlimited support via phone, email or webcam

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