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What's a profit calculator?

Curious to see how much money you can make with embroidery but aren't sure how to find out? We've created a series of easy questions that will enable you to learn a little about embroidery while calculating your potential profit along the way!

You'll even receive hints on how different embroidery processes affect the cost for particular items. It's easy and incredibly accurate all at the same time.


Who's this profit calculator for?

The profit calculator was designed for anyone thinking about starting an embroidery business and/or seasoned veterans in the industry for 10+ years.

Industry vets
curious folks

That's because the profit calculator isn't only a plug-n`-play calculator, it's also a great educational tool for how to determine labor costs and other costs of owning an embroidery business.

The profit calculator covers things like...

Monthly operating costs

In order to determine your profit, you need to determine costs like equipment, rent and utilities.

Labor costs & Profit margins

We take many things into consideration like item cost, size of the embroidery area and cost of thread, bobbins and much more when determining the perfect profit margin.

Machine usage

Determine how many hours you plan on running your machine and see how that impacts your profit potential.

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